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List of Colorado Meteorites by Classification
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Johnstown (ADIO)

Berthoud (Eucrite-mmict)

Ordinary Chondrites
Atwood (b) (OC)
Stratton (OC)
Thurman (OC)

H Chondrites
Granada Creek (H ?)
Idalia (H ?)
Two Buttes (b) (H ?)
Fleming (H3.7)
Flagler (H3.8)
Eads (H4)
Hartsel (H4)
Holly (H4)
Holyoke (H4)
Tobe (H4)
Weldona (H4)
Wray (a) (H4)
Adams County (H5)
Cope (a) (H5)
Cope (b) (H5)
Doyleville (H5)
Elba (H5)
Hugo (stone) (H5)
Karval (H5)
Little Spring Creek (H5)
Ovid (b) (H5)
Sand Draw (H5)
Seibert (a) (H5)
Stoneham (H5)

H Chondrites (cont.)
Stonington (H5)
Truckton (H5)
Two Buttes (a) (H5)
Wild Horse (H5)
Akron 1940 (H6)
Cañon City (H6)
Cortez (H6)
Georgetown (H6)
Ovid (a) (H6)

L Chondrites
Springfield (b) (L ?)
Julesburg (L3.6)
Fremont Butte (L4)
Kramer Creek (L4)
Arapahoe (L5)
Armel (L5)
Arriba (L5)
Wray (b) (L5)
Akron 1961 (L6)
Alamosa (L6)
Apex (L6)
Atwood (a) (L6)
Clifford (L6)
De Nova (L6)
Denver (L6)
Erie (L6)
Lincoln County (L6)
Lost Lake (L6)
Mosca (L6)
Newsom (L6)
Peetz (L6)
Rush Creek (L6)
Seibert (b) (L6)
Springfield (a) (L6)
Shaw (L6/7)

H/L Chondrites
Haxtun (H/L4)

LL Chondrites
Kelly (LL4)
New Raymer (LL4)
Elbert (LL6)

Enstatite Chondrites
Bethune (EH4/5)

Colorado Springs (Iron ?)
Guffey (Iron-ung)
Horse Creek (Iron-ung)
Washington County (Iron-ung)
Left Hand Creek (IAB complex)
Rifle (IAB-MG)
Cotopaxi (IAB-ung)
Ellicott (IAB-ung)
Mesa Verde Park (IAB-ung)
Wiley (IIC)
Mount Ouray (IID)
Bear Creek (IIIAB)
Briggsdale (IIIAB)
Burns (IIIAB)
Franceville (IIIAB)
Russel Gulch (IIIAB)
Bishop Canyon (IVA)

Phillips County (PAL)
Sterling (PAL)


Alphabetical List of Colorado Meteorites

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