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Colorado Meteorites

Colorado has 90 official known meteorites that have been found in the state. This is the 7th largest number of any state in the U.S., trailing just Texas, California, New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona and Nevada. Although most of them were found many years after they fell from the sky, some were actually seen (as a fireball or smoke trail) or heard falling. Those are called "falls".
Below you will find links to two lists. The first page is an alphabetized list of the known Colorado meteorites. The second is a list of them by classification.

The link below will take you to a checklist of Colorado meteorites so you can keep track of which meteorites you have, how much they weigh and any notes you want to add. Just print it out (3 pages) and away you go!

The following link will take you to "The Handbook of Colorado Meteorites" which is available from Mile High Meteorites. This handbook has a map of all meteorite finds/falls in Colorado and has details about each meteorite.

This last link will take you to the list of Colorado meteorites in the Meteorical Bulletin's Online database.

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