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Cotopaxi meteorite (IAB-ung)

Cotopaxi was found on October 8, 2000 in the hills near Cotopaxi, Fremont County, Colorado. It was buried approximately 20cm deep under a small tree when it was found, according to the Meteoritical Bulletin website. "Richard and Sharon Walker of Colorado Springs purchased a metal detector in 2000 to look for artifacts. On their first outing on a friend's private property in Fremont County, they discovered an iron meteorite weighing 243 grams (8.5 oz). This was the first iron meteorite found in Colorado in 30 years; it is classified as an ungrouped IAB. It was donated it to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in 2005." - Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum

For more details about this, go to its Meteoritical Bulletin page: Cotopaxi

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