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Caņon City meteorite (H6)

Caņon City was an observed fall that fell through the roof of a garage around 6pm MDT on October 27, 1973 just north of Caņon City in Fremont County, Colorado. It is an H6 olivine-bronzite chondrite that weighed 1.45 kg and broke into 4 big fragments and many small fragments. The four biggest fragments weighed 559g, 531g, 74g and 53g respectively, according to the Handbook of Colorado Meteorites.

For more details about this, go to its Meteoritical Bulletin page: Caņon City

Some photos of this meteorite are below.

Part of Cañon City.
Photo © Matt Morgan (Mile High Meteorites)

Large piece of Cañon City.
Photo © Martin Horejsi

Same Cañon City stone in hand.
Photo © Martin Horejsi

Smaller piece of Cañon City with wood impregnated in it.
Photo © Martin Horejsi

Cañon City.
Photo © Martin Horejsi

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