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Johnstown meteorite (ADIO)

Johnstown fell at 4:20pm local time on July 6, 1924 in Weld County, Colorado. It's a diogenite achondrite (HED) and weighed 40.3 kg. The Handbook of Colorado Meteorites says that a total of 27 stones were found. The Handbook has a full account of the fall from E. O. Hovey. Among other things, he says that more than 200 people witnessed and heard the fall. The Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum says "The largest piece found weighed 60 pounds and was about the size of a basketball. It was reported that more pieces fell in the fields than were recovered. This is a rare type of meteorite --an igneous rock. It is thought to have come from the Asteroid Vesta."

For more details about this, go to its Meteoritical Bulletin page: Johnstown

Some photos of this meteorite are below.

A 136g Johnstown individual.
Photo © Mitterling Meteorites

A 7.8g slice of Johnstown.
Photo © Matt Morgan (Mile High Meteorites)

A 17.74g slice of Johnstown.
Photo © Impactika

Part of Johnstown.
Photo © by its respective photographer.

Slice of Johnstown.
Photo © Mark Bostick

Johnstown individual.
Photo © Martin Horejsi

Three small individuals of Johnstown.
Photo © Martin Horejsi

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