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Shaw meteorite (L6/7)

"Three pieces weighing 17.5 kg (38.5 lb) were found in 1937. It has been of great interest to scientists because it is an impact melt breccia, and it ranked, for the first time, with one of the highest degrees of melting of all stony meteorites. How it was heated to such a high temperature has been a long standing question." - Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum The Handbook of Colorado Meteorites states that only 2 pieces were found. First was a 13.8 kg in 1937 and then a 3.7 kg stone in 1967. Because of the degree of melting, no chondrules exist.

For more details about this, go to its Meteoritical Bulletin page: Shaw

Some photos of this meteorite are below.

End-cut slice of Shaw.
Photo © Mineralogical Research Company

Opposite side of Shaw end-cut above.
Photo © Mineralogical Research Company

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