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2010 Denver Show Auction

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Mingling before the auction at Fred Olsen's Mineral and Fossil Supply showroom.

Fred Hall, McCartney Taylor, Andrew Abraham and others before the auction.

Blaine Reed, his brother and others.

Eating and drinking before the auction. We had BBQ (beef, pork and chicken) and beer. Can't get better than that!

Tim Heitz, John Humphries and others eating and talking.

Some of the meteorites that are up for auction.

More meteorites that we will be bidding on!

And more, including a few spheres that spun on their stands.

McCartney, Fred and Andrew getting ready for their "interviews".

There's Anne Black! She is always involved in the annual auction.

Larry Sloan is also an annual fixture. McCartney doing an interview in the background.

John Kashuba, Larry, Tim and others looking at the meteorites before the auction.

And the auction starts!

Mike Jensen is our auctioneer. Geoff Notkin couldn't make it this year or last year.

Mike showing an item up for bidding. Dan Wray is to the right. He helps each year with Anne Black to record the winning bidders.

Some of the meteorite lovers at the auction.

Dan and Anne doing a wonderful job.

Larry, John and Andrew.

Dana and Keith Jenkerson from KD Meteorites were there. We had between 40 and 45 people at the auction!

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