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2008 Denver Show Auction

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Ronnie Mackenzie and others previewing the meteorites before the auction. Mike Farmer talking. :-)

Mike Jensen presiding over the auction.

Geoff Notkin was the co-auctioneer with Mike J.

Someone bidding on the current meteorite specimen. Mike is the auctioneer.

No, Mike and Geoff are not drinking during the auction (or were they?). Those are bottles of Tunguska Blast, a dietary supplement. One bottle was full, the other was empty.

Marvin Killgore taking a look at a meteorite necklace.

Geoff hamming it up during the auction. Is that a surprise?!?!

Anne Black and Dan Wray of the COMETS club were the official "score keepers". Great job, guys!

Oh boy! Both of them are at it!

Fred Olsen and Dr. Art Ehlmann (in the background).

Geoff telling YOU to bid on this item.

He probably just told a joke!

2008 Denver Show COMETS Showcases

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Neil posing next to the COMETS meteorite showcases. Dan Wray put together the displays from specimens from personal collections: Fred Olsen, Matt Morgan and a few others.

Admiring rocks from space!

Breathtaking meteorites with a map of Colorado meteorites in the background. That is a large slice of Bear Creek in the back left corner. The big one in the middle is a cast of Little Spring Creek. To the right of it is the real main mass.

The large one in the middle is a cast of Clifford, with the real main mass to the right of it.

More admirers. The meteorites were very popular as this was the first time that there was a display like this at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show.

2008 Denver Show Dinner

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Bill Jensen (left), Matt Morgan, Geoff Notkin and Dr. Art Ehlmann at dinner. Bill's daughter is to the far left.

Mike, Geoff and others after the dinner.

Dr. Ehlmann, Matt, Geoff Notkin and others talking after dinner.

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