Important Fossil Legislation
This letter was received on October 11, 2001:

"I just got word on a fossil bill to be introduced in the House and Senate next week. This bill will criminalize the collection, sale and purchase of almost all paleontological materials (vertebrate and invertebrate) from [U.S.] Public Lands. This is the final version of a letter I have written to collectors and dealers which summarizes the bill and offers some insight into the problems we will encounter if it passes. I have also included links and attachments for those who would like to research further before commenting.

This bill will be devastating to dealers and collectors alike, and will make gem & mineral shows target for surveillance. I am afraid if this bill passes, it will set a precedent for a future ban on collecting mineral, gold and lapidary specimens from [U.S.] Public Lands. Unfortunately, time is short to respond."

-Regina Aumente

Fossil Legislation letter from Walt Lombardo.

Full text of the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act bill. (Requires Adobe Acrobat to view after downloading)

If you would like both documents in their original formats, please download the file. The first document inside this compressed .zip file is in Word format. The second is in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat required).

If you can't open these files, contact us and we'll try to get them to you in another format.

Please share this information with your mineral and fossil groups. This is very important!