Browns Canyon Wilderness Area
Proposed Legislation
There are currently 2 proposals that are being considered for the Browns Canyon Wilderness Area. One proposal is by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They propose that approximately 10,334 acres of land be set aside for a wilderness area. The other proposal is by the Colorado Environmental Coalition (CEC). They propose that approximately 34,829 acres of land be set aside for the wilderness area.

The picture below shows a small map of the 2 proposed areas. Both proposed areas are bounded by the Arkansas River to the west. The red outline shows the USFS/BLM proposal. The green outline shows the CEC proposal. The CEC proposal goes all the way south to (but not including) the Sedalia Mine and Salida.

For more details, click on the picture to download a PDF file of the full-sized map. The PDF is approximately 2.6 MB in size and requires the use of the FREE Adobe Reader to view it. You can also contact Larry Hojo in Washington DC to get more information. He is directly working on these proposals. His phone number is 202-225-4422 and his e-mail is The Colorado legislator who is working on this is Joel Hefley. He can be reached at 719-520-0055. You may get one of his aides, but they seem very nice and helpful.