Facts about the Club
The North Jeffco Gem and Mineral Club promotes interest in minerals, gems, rocks and fossils. It also tries to improve and expand the use of outdoor resources and to foster a spirit of cooperation and understanding with other clubs and agencies with similar interests. The North Jeffco Gem and Mineral Club is sponsored by the North Jeffco Parks and Recreation District. Dues are $20 per family, $15 per single person, and $15 for anyone living at least 100 miles from the meeting place. General meetings are held the second Friday of every month at the North Jeffco Senior Center, 6842 Wadsworth Boulevard in Arvada, CO. There is a short business meeting starting at 7:30 p.m., followed by a short refreshment break. A program related to the gem, mineral and fossil hobby starts immediately after refreshments. Meetings conclude by 10 p.m. Children and visitors are always welcome.

Monthly Meetings: As mentioned above, the monthly meetings usually include a program of interest, refreshments and door prizes. A newsletter is sent each month to inform members of upcoming events and programs. The club members provide the refreshments and door prizes on a volunteer basis. Three members bring refreshments and/or door prizes each month. Snacks can be any finger food you wish to bring. The club buys the coffee, cups, lemonade/juices, napkins and other supplies from the "kitty" donations. Door prizes may be anything a member feels is appropriate and related to our hobby. Door prizes should be wrapped or put in individual paper bags. The June meeting is an ice cream social and the September meeting is the "Towel Show" (see its section below). The December meeting is a Holiday Potluck with entertainment.

Special Interest Groups: There is a Faceting Group and a Craft Group which meet on the second Tuesday following the club meeting, and a Mineral Study Group that usually meets the fourth Monday of each month. The exception to this is in December, which doesn't usually have the Faceting Group, Craft Group, and Mineral Study Group meetings due to the holidays. The Faceting Group focuses on the art of faceting gemstones. The group has a club faceting machine and a rock saw. The faceting machine is loaned to members wishing to learn to facet. A member must have a basic knowledge of how to use the machine before it is loaned. Instructions and assistance are provided by the group. Due to the fact that the rock saw is very large, special accommodations must be made to use and store it. The Craft Group is an unstructured group with members bringing whatever craft project they may be working on. Some members bring no project but just come to visit. Sometimes grab bag specimens (see the "Denver Gem and Mineral Show" section below) are bagged at the meeting. The Mineral Study group provides a supportive setting for members to increase their knowledge of mineralogy and the skills involved in collecting minerals. All of the Special Interest Group meetings are held at the Lake Arbor Center, 7451 W. 83rd Way in Arvada, CO beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Newsletters: Newsletters are sent in the mail to each club member every month. Included in the newsletters are such things as hobby-related government legislation, informational stories, previous meeting minutes, a list of the club's officers and chairpersons, and field trip reports. Electronic newsletters via the Internet (e-mail) are now available, too! Please contact the Newsletter Editor if you wish to receive an electronic newsletter via e-mail. The newsletters are also available on our website to members in good standing.

Field Trips: The club arranges between 8 and 12 collecting field trips, held mostly in the summer months. The trips are usually in Colorado, but a couple may be in surrounding states. Details of the trips are printed in the monthly newsletters to keep members informed. Impromptu trips may also occur. See our past field trips at:   http://www.peaktopeak.com/njeffco/trips.php

Silent Auction: The club sponsors a silent auction in April each year. This is our only fund raising function and is quite a bit of fun. Members and guests bring hobby related items to sell at the auction. A minimum of 25% of the sales proceeds is donated to the club. Many people come to the auction just to buy items to add to their collection. There are unusual items at the auction that a collector may not find elsewhere. The "profits" from the auction supplement the club’s income to support activities and keep the member dues as low as possible. A bake sale is held during the auction. Buyers pay the state and local sales taxes.http://www.peaktopeak.com/njeffco/auction.php

Towel Show: The "Towel Show" is an unusual event. Each member can put together a display of hobby related items of whatever they wish. This may be collected specimens, purchased specimens, jewelry, fossils or other craft items. The items may be new or old. The only requirement is that each item in your display fits on one towel of some sort – bath, beach, washcloth or paper. At the meeting, everyone gets a chance to talk about his or her display. The members vote on their favorite display and the winner’s name is engraved on a plaque at the Senior Center. From the displays at the Towel Show, items are selected for the club cases at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show.

Denver Gem and Mineral Show: The club belongs to the Greater Denver Area Gem and Mineral Council, which sponsors the annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show. The show is held in September at the Denver Mart at 58th Ave and I-25. There are a total of 8 local clubs making up the Council. Volunteers from the clubs plan and run the show. The show draws exhibitors and dealers from all over the world, making it a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy the gem and mineral hobby. Each club furnishes 450 grab bags to sell at the show. Each grab bag contains 10 bagged and labeled specimens and sells for $1.00. Club members provide the specimens to go into the bags, label and bag them, and sew the cloth bags to put them in. Proceeds from grab bag sales provide a scholarship for a student at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO.

Officers and Board Members: Of course, to run any club, members must volunteer to serve in officer and board positions. These positions include the following: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Field Trip Chair, Program Coordinator, Membership Chair, Web Site Chair, Librarian, Historian, Hospitality Chair, Refreshments, Newsletter Editor, Delegate at Large, Alternate Delegate, Property Custodian, Grab Bag Coordinators, Show Chair, Silent Auction Chair, and Show Committee Representatives. Each of these positions has a job description to assist the person filling the job. It is much more fun to become involved with the club by assuming one of these jobs. Most of them are fairly easy and you will meet more people and make more friends by joining in and becoming a real part of the club.

Website: The club has a Website with multitudes of information and pictures, especially from our field trips. Some details from the monthly newsletters are also posted on the Website. There is even a dynamic, database-driven club calendar that shows the major club events (including field trips and shows) for each year. Our website is: http://www.peaktopeak.com/njeffco/index.php

Becoming a Member: If you would like to become a member, please print our Membership Form, fill it in and mail it with a check to our Membership Chair. Details are in the form.

The details on this page are correct as of January 2014 and are subject to change without notice.