Calumet Mine Field Trip Report
August 6-7, 2005

by Kevin & K.C. Larsen


On Saturday we met at 9AM at a small park in Salida, and then drove east to the Calumet mine. We parked at the bottom of the mine, and then hiked about 2/3 up the mountain. Along the way up we found some Magnetite crystals, and some small Epidote crystals, some on matrix with calcite. At the upper part of the mine we went to a huge pocket where we had collected a lot of Epidote in past years. The pocket was completely collapsed, and dug out of anything that looked collectible. The rest of the day the group poked around the upper part of the hill, and found many small pieces of weathered Epidote, Magnetite, and someCcalcite with embedded Uralite. Some in the group found large pieces on Calcite that they were going to etch off the Calcite to expose the Uralite crystals. Some of these can make very nice specimens if there is a lot of Uralite hidden underneath the Calcite. Late in the afternoon some of us dug in the tailings of the large Epidote pocket, and found a lot of small unweathered crystals. Sunday we met at the park again, and drove east to the Badger Creek area, to a Peridot collecting area known as Lone Tree. Everyone found lots of small Peridot crystals, many of them on matrix. The largest ones found were about 3-4 carats in size. We had many members from other clubs that joined this trip, mostly from the Littleton club. They are great group of people, and we really enjoyed having them join this trip. We got to meet a lot of new people whom we hope to see again on future field trips.