Spruce Grove Trip Report
September 25-26th, 2004

by Erik Anderson


We had such a large number of people on this trip, there is no way to list everyone. After everyone arrived we went up the hill. I led a few folks to a place where I had found some topaz in the past year, while other folks went off on their own. For the first few hours, people were finding good signs such as broken and whole quartz crystals and some feldspar. Then, Eldon let out a yell and when we all came to see what he found, he had a two inch topaz crystal in his hands! It weighed 268 carats and was a pale blue color. Shortly afterwards, Bob Loeffler found two more great crystals that were a little smaller, and also pale blue. It may be fair to say that we may have at least one rock for the club prospector's trophy for next year from this trip. In all, the weather was great and everyone seemed to have fun. When I returned from the trip I told my wife Stacy about Eldon's find and how excited he was, and it made her cry just like me, but for entirely different reasons! CONGRATULATIONS ELDON!(and Bob too!)