Devil's Head Trip #2 Report for 2004
June 19, 2004

by Bill Beamer


Attendees: Kevin and K.C. Larsen, Ted Gildea, Sue Leprino and Larry Lyman, Tom Miller, Bob Loeffler, Don and Bill Beamer, Tim Arnett and Lee (last name unknown), and a few members of the CMS club.

After 3 days of steady rain, I was looking forward to a sunny Saturday trip. Unfortunately, when I awoke Saturday morning it was still raining and very foggy. My brother Don and I went on up to Devil's Head and, as we approached the turnoff, the fog lifted and we were greeted by a bright sunny sky. I have a feeling that many who signed up decided not to go based on the weather in Denver. They missed a beautiful day -- at least until 2PM (see photos on the club website).

We still had around 15 people who showed up and we promptly marched to the digging site. The area has some old diggings and we were able to find some amazonite float. Most of the group scattered and apparently their findings were minimal. I located a pocket and started pulling out smoky points and small bits of amazonite but had to leave the pocket due to the weather. Lee, digging next to me, found a pocket full of broken smokies but no amazonite.

Around 2PM a small group of clouds showed up and then proceeded to dump a couple inches of very wet hail. Since we were all soaked and the ground was deep in hail, we decided to call it a day. At least we found yet another area to dig that shows potential. We also heard stories of nearby topaz but we'll save that for another field trip!