Book Cliffs and Douglas Pass
May 8-9, 2004

by Bob Loeffler


Attendees: Cheri and Donn Dougherty, Eldon Hunewell, Bill and Cheryl Harrison, Ted Gildea, Bill Hawes, Bob Loeffler.

Although the weather was beautiful, not many members showed up for this 2-trip weekend.... probably due to the high gas prices and long distance. There were 7 of us at the Book Cliffs and 3 of us at Douglas Pass. On Saturday, most of us caravaned to the Book Cliffs from the Grand Junction meeting place. After digging for half of the day, we found only bits and pieces of barite crystals. Cheri, Donn and I were digging in an area that had obvious nodules, but we were hitting only rock and massive calcite. Cheryl and Bill were digging closer to the vehicles, so I didn't hear if they found anything. Eldon poked and prodded the hills and also found some barite pieces, including a dark brown piece. Ted was digging a couple miles to the south of us at a "secret location", but at the end of the day we saw that he had found a few nice barite crystals, including a cluster. Before darkness hit us, those of us who were staying overnight set up our tents and then ate dinner around a nice campfire. There were plenty of discussions and stories and I think we all had a good time.

Sunday came soon and Eldon and I drove back to Grand Junction to meet Bill Hawes, the trip leader for Douglas Pass, and any others who showed up. Well, Bill and Cheryl were there but they were going to drive back to Denver. Cheri and Donn had brought their motorcycles so they could do some dirt biking instead of digging on Sunday, and Ted was going to continue digging at his spot. After the long drive to the fossil location, each of us did pretty well. Bill Hawes found a couple uncommon plant fossils, so he was extremely happy. Eldon found two very nice leaf fossils and some others. I was jealous. :-) I found lots of common plant and "storm debris" fossils, but nothing outstanding. But because the weather was very good both days, and Bill gave us some of his "leftovers", it turned out to be a very nice weekend.