Stoneham 2003 Trip Photos
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Filled in area at Stoneham Clay areas where people have dug
Part of the area at Stoneham that was dug up in the last couple years by bulldozers to find the famous blue barite crystals. The area has been filled back in. These are clay areas where people have dug in the past, or just eroded.

Fault in the clay Hole from first day
A 5 foot hole that was dug along a fault. The fault's slickenside is to the left of the hole in the center of the photo and is slanting down around 45 degrees to the right. Notice the glove in the upper-left for scale. Some small crystals were found here, but the best stuff is probably too deep to get to by digging with hand tools. The rest of the pictures are from Frank Bendrick who owns the claim at the Stoneham site. This picture is of a hole he dug the first day on one of his trips this summer.

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