Spruce Grove/Tarryall Mountains Field Trip Report
August 16-17th, 2003

by Bob Loeffler

We had a pretty good turnout for this trip to Spruce Grove, where we have an annual trip each year. As I write this, I can't remember all of the people who went, so I'll just mention a few: the Larsen's, the Wood's, and the Mullen's were there. My apologies to the rest!

We all met that Saturday morning at the campground, but I was a little late so everyone waited for me to get ready. After about 15 minutes, we all headed up a different direction than we usually go. We normally hike for about 45 minutes to the digging area, but this time we drove around the back, waded across Tarryall Creek, and then hiked for 15 or 20 minutes. This new route was suggested by the Larsen's and was much easier (as long as the creek isn't running too high).

I showed some of our new members where we had been digging for the last few years and then told them to either do surface collecting or just start digging down under (or between) boulders. The weather was nice most of the weekend, although we did get some rain on Sunday. Camping on Saturday night was actually quite mild compared to some years, and the mosquitoes weren't as bad as I had remembered. Thank god!

I didn't hear of any big finds, but some smoky quartz points and shards, and a few feldspar crystals with tiny fluorite cubes were found that weekend. It wasn't one of our best years at Spruce Grove, but hopefully everyone learned a little, enjoyed the weather and landscape, and got some good exercise. There's always next year!