Crystal Peak 2003 Trip Photos
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Tarp over hole Group of us under tarp
This is a hole that was being dug by people in our group on Saturday. This picture was taken on Sunday after Jeff Self and Jim Schatzman had the idea of putting up tarps to keep us dry. A few of us under a tarp to stay out of the rain while digging on Sunday.

Very large fluorite Amazonite from a pocket
This is a very large fluorite cube that was found about 5 inches down in the top soil. It is etched and fractured, but still a nice find at 3.8" (9.5cm) on a side. A smaller one (1.25" on a side) was found a foot or so downslope from this one. This and the next 3 pictures were some of the amazonite crystals that we pulled from a pocket.

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