Mt. Antero Field Trip Report
August 30 - September 1, 2003

by Bill Beamer


We had a pretty good turnout for this trip and it's a good thing we didn't wait one more week- since it snowed the following weekend!

My brother Don and I got to the camp Friday night and as soon as our tents were set up, the storm arrived. We both wondered if our body weight would keep the tents from becoming airborne!

Saturday morning we went to the south side of the south slope and found some little stuff. By noon the rest of the crowd showed up and spent the day on the north side of the south slope. Sunday morning most of the group followed Don and me back to the south side. Erik Anderson was digging next to me and found a 38 carat clear aqua. Just a few minutes later Mike Halley pulled out an 88 carat deep blue chunk!

Everyone found some small crystals and Nick Mullen, Matthew and Curtis Halley found the most- a lot of them just lying on the surface. Don found several 8-10 carat crystals and a nice cluster of phenakites. The strangest find was an amazonite crystal found by Moyra Lyne!!

Members and guests enjoying the trip were Nick and Linda Laverty and Greg and Melise Van Marter from the Colorado Springs Club, Todd Kastetter and his friend Chris, Moyra Lyne, The Halleys, The Mullins, Erik Anderson and Bob Loeffler.

As always, special thanks to Craig Cardwell who graciously allows us to dig on his family's claims.