Turret area Trip Report
August 17, 2002

by Bill Beamer

This was a joint trip with the Colorado Mineral Society with the trip leader being Bob Ausprung with CMS. We met at 10AM at the Prospector's Rock Shop just south of Buena Vista and began our quest to see how many rock hunting sites we could visit in South Park! The convoy started out at 18 vehicles and our first stop was at a hematite mine near the mining town of Turret. We collected some nice specimens of hematite and found some nice jasper and jasp/agate at a hillside next to the mine. We then convoyed a dusty 12-15 miles to collect peridot. The collection site had plenty of peridot of good color, but generally too small if you are a cutter. A group from Canon City has claims nearby and out of an average of 15,000 carats they collect a day, the largest found so far was just over 5 carats. After an hour and a half or so we went to a nearby buffalo jump and saw several old tee pee rings with lots of broken jasper that the Indians used to skin the buffalo. From there we drove another 15 or so VERY DUSTY miles (especially if you're in the last vehicle!) to a spot near Trout Pass. After everyone switched over to four wheel drive (we were down to about 7 vehicles at this point) we drove down a seldom-used 4-wheel drive road where we had to remove three trees blocking the road! At the bottom of the trail was some very good quality unakite. Some specimens had purple fluorite bands running through it. After collecting here for an hour or so we headed back to our respective cars for the long drive back home.