Hahn's Peak Trip Report
August 3-4, 2002

by Eldon Hunewell

As I approached the peak I was wondering if that pointed one I saw from a distance was the right one and hoped it was not, haha... it WAS!!! I was late getting there and had much difficulty finding the right road... I believe the road I took was actually a walk trail... took several of them on the easterly side of the mountain and scraped the bottom plate of my truck many times and did some damage to it. After going up very high on three different routes I came back to a road junction and a camper told me they saw a group of trucks on top the mountain so I proceeded in that direction and finally found them near the summit, digging hard!

The group found much pretty nice quartz crystals. The Aber family let me dig in the hole they were working on most of the morning and early afternoon. I don't know all the names of those present but Paul LyVere was there, also, and found some nice pockets of crystals. He camped up there but I proceeded home as I had to prepare for the Buena Vista Show.

The view up Hahn's Peak is absolutely remarkable, to say the least. The lush forest below is so healthy and happy and it all reminds me of up Antero but in some respects the view seems better, I am not sure why... perhaps because the surrounding area is so low and one can see so far. This Peak is very "pointy" and the profile looks just like a classic 45 degree angle on both sides and is almost too perfect to be real... whereas most mountains have such an erratic profile, this one appears to be different. The view alone is worth the trip!