Calumet Mine Trip Report
June 9, 2002

by Eldon Hunewell

Marge Regel of the CMS club led us up the mine dumps in a long steep climb but it was worth it. The group spread out but Bob Drisgill... an independent collector who I brought with me... and myself promptly went into a hole someone started and found a rather large epidote right away. Not long later, most of the group came over and Bob Drisgill and I let them take turns digging in the hole as well as looking on the dumps, which produced much good epidote and some larger crystals. Bob Loeffler and Ron Knoshaug spent quite some time in the dig and did pretty well. Marge's grandson and Paul LyVere found the largest crystals and Bob and I found a large cluster. We got a large amount of grab bag material with Judy Knoshaug filling them up from the dump area with lots of people contributing. We worked till the hole seemed to be too dangerous to work anymore and then some of us went to the Corundum No. 2 prospect I have known about for many years and Terry LeBlanc found the first and largest garnet there on the dump. The view at both places was wonderful and no forest fires were in the area at all. Since then, I understand many have been back to Calumet after hearing of our "strike" there... including myself some four times.

It was a relief to find a nice place to look for things when Pike Forest had been closed for such a long time.