Mt. Antero Trip #2 Report
August 18, 2002

by Eldon Hunewell

Paul LyVere, Moyra Lynne, and yours truly met at the base of the road up Antero Saturday morning and promptly began the long trip up over the usual rocks and holes in the road. Paul used his ATV along with his brother in-law and Moyra rode in my truck. We parked at a place close to where the upper switchbacks begin and then both Moyra and myself rode with Paul and his brother in-law to the top "parking lot" on their respective ATV's... It's worse in that area of the road nowadays.

I promptly met Brian Busse and T. Craig Cardwell and their associates who were extremely courteous to us and welcomed us to view their screening operations and invited us down to their diggings where the "snow patch" used to be. I stayed up there awhile and then decided to prospect but the others went to the diggings right away. CMS came up later that morning, led by Jeff Self, and many of those went to the diggings below. I eventually ended up at the diggings mid afternoon and the group showed me an exposed seam of beryl. We moved much rock and eventually found several aquas... the best being by Paul's brother in-law and that was his first rock trip ever!!!!! I found some nice quality small smokies also and we had a great time. Our trip up the walk trail to the ATV's in the evening was very hard on most of us. We then had to drive down after reaching our vehicles and by the time we reached the bottom of the 4x4 road it was completely dark.

Brian is such a knowledgeable and capable leader in finding aquamarine and his group has worked hard setting up the Cardwell claims. I am optimistic they will eventually make a large strike but perhaps not this summer as summer is drawing to a close at that altitude. I would go back the next day if I didn't have to work and if my legs would hold up. Antero is always a thrill.

Editor's Note: Much of Antero (especially the south knob) is claimed by the Cardwell family. Please contact them via e-mail if you would like to dig on any of their claims.