Harris Park Trip Report
June 23 - 24, 2001

by Bob Loeffler


Attendees: Brian and Wendy Mitcheltree, the Sakaguchi's, Rob and Philip DeBus, Paul LyVere, Kevin and K.C. Larsen, Richard Parsons, Nancy and Corvin Juganaru, Bob Loeffler, Mary Ellen Kennedy, Don Heiden (I think) and several people from the Littleton club.

A large number of people showed up for this joint trip. The digging site was on the Littleton Club's claim, so they invited our club to join them.

We met at the trout pond north of highway 285 at Shaffer's Crossing at 9am on Saturday morning. After a few minutes to see if anyone else was going to show up, we headed southwest down the highway in a caravan of 11 vehicles to the Deer Creek turnoff. From there, we headed north to Harris Park, a very small community in the green mountains of Park County, CO. It's a beautiful area. A couple miles past Harris Park are winding dirt roads that lead to the pegmatites where the claim is located.

When we got to the site, our leader told us what we could find there and pointed us in the general direction. The diggings were pleasantly within one or two minutes (walking distance) of where we parked! That was a relief from our last trip (Devil's Head) which was all up and down hill. We could easily see where people had dug in the past; there were big holes and dump piles everywhere. This is due to the fact that the best pegmatite area is very small and compact; it seemed to just cover one face of the hill.

Even though there was plenty of broken amazonite all over the ground, I didn't find much in the hole I was digging. I did find some goethite, smoky quartz, clear quartz and amazonite, but they weren't great. I think someone had already cleaned out the pocket. Brian and Wendy found a nice smoky quartz specimen that was a couple inches long. Everyone else I talked to found similar specimens as I did; nothing outstanding. After it started raining, I started talking to a couple of the Littleton club members. They said that some really nice amazonite crystals have been removed from the claim in the past (and a few nice ones in recent years). They also said that some large topaz crystals had been found here.

The trip was originally planned for two days, but most of the people didn't stay for the second day. I also decided to go home on Saturday night so I didn't dig on day #2 either. If anyone did stay, I hope they had some good luck and found the motherlode pocket!

Special thanks to the Littleton rock and mineral club for allowing us to join them on this trip!