Book Cliffs 2001 Trip #2 Photos
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The turnout this time was much better than earlier this year. The weather was more pleasant and everyone saw the specimens we found last time, so there were more than 10 of us this time.
(I'm sorry about the yellow lines in all of the pictures. My camera is having problems.)

Barren hill with nodule Book Cliffs with nodules in foreground
Barren hill with nodules at the Book Cliffs. The Book Cliffs with hills in the foreground. Nodules can be seen in the hills.

Digging in the hills Digging into a nodule
A closer view of the picture above. One of our members is digging into a nodule, although we can see only his equipment. Kevin L. is digging into a nodule where there were a couple pockets. The pocket on the left went down several feet.

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