Contin' Tail 1998 Report
by Barb and John Melby

Ruby Mtn. Trip Pictures

John and I took Friday off and headed for the Contin' Tail and Mt. Antero for the weekend. We enjoyed the Contin' Tail very much. John thought there were new people from last year. We did get our discount from Academy Enterprise by mentioning that I had printed their story in the newsletter. We were the first to sign their book. Beside being dealers they are members of a club in Calif. We saw Moyra Lyne checking things out and of course Tony Benavidez was looking over all the fossil displays. The weather was beautiful but Hot HOT hot. Eldon Hunewell was selling along with many of the members from other clubs. In fact a guild member gave me some donation items when he found out I was on the look out for door prizes for our meeting. People are very friendly and it is fun to gab with people we often don't see until the Sept. show. I am sure there were other club members that showed up but we didn't stay too long. Around 3:30 we headed up to Mt. Antero. That night it was shirt sleeve weather at 12000 ft. We could not believe how warm and of course a full moon made the mountains spectacular in the evening. A little rain occured Saturday night that cooled things off a bit. We did see Bill Chirnside on the mountain with his new puppy Prospector. Prospector was carrying his own pack into Bill's dig. We found a crystal in the old mine dig. Clear but pretty. We had a great weekend.